Survivor: A City of Heroes novel

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Note to CoH/V fans: this is not your usual "loosely based on a concept" type of novel. Where possible, I tried to follow actual missions as closely as I could in telling this story. Actual monologues of NPCs have been woven into dialogues, where it was possible and where it furthered the story. Some dialogue from players has been included, although I have changed the names. Starfire was a real SuperGroup on Liberty server, and the members gave me their permission to write this novel and include both their characters' names, and to write about their personalities as best I could.


Having just discovered Paragon Chat, Jon, Lin, and a "cast of thousands" will be appearing there randomly. ;-) See Paragon Chat information at the bottom of this page.


Chapter 01 - "Birth and Rebirth"
Chapter 02 - "The Library"
Chapter 03 - "Broken"
Chapter 04 - "FrostFire"
Chapter 05 - "Hyperstride"
Chapter 06 - "Jon and the Tailor"
Chapter 07 - "Bad Night in Paragon City"
Chapter 08 - "The Quest"
Chapter 09 - "Flight"
Chapter 10 - "The Face"
Chapter 11 - "Introductions"
Chapter 12 - "Recruit"
Chapter 13 - "Conversations"
Chapter 14 - "Child Heroes"
Chapter 15 - "Healer"
Chapter 16 - "Intermezzo"
Chapter 17 - "Turn of Events"
Chapter 18 - "Battle"
Chapter 19 - "Long Jack"
Chapter 20 - "When One Door Closes...."
Chapter 21 - "....Another One Opens"
Chapter 22 - "Jon"
Chapter 23 - "Family"
Chapter 24 - "Morning Light"
Chapter 25 - "Paragon Protectors"
Chapter 26 - "Brickstown"
Chapter 27 - "Signatures"
Chapter 28 - "Tin-type"
Chapter 29 - "The Kindness of Strangers"
Chapter 30 - "Confrontation"
Chapter 31 - "Lists"
Chapter 32 - "Last Will...."
Chapter 33 - "Nightmare"
Chapter 34 - "A Cry in the Night"
Chapter 35 - "Records"
Chapter 36 - "Quake"
Chapter 37 - "Family Tree"
Chapter 38 - "Returning"
Chapter 39 - "Paper Trail"
Chapter 40 - "Goodbye"
Chapter 41 - "No Turning Back"
Chapter 42 - "Crey"
Chapter 43 - "The H.E. lab"
Chapter 44 - "Fall From Grace"
Chapter 45 - "Regret"
Chapter 46 - "Manticore"
Chapter 47 - "The Doctor"
Chapter 48 - "The Invisible Falcon"
Chapter 49 - "The Womb"
Chapter 50 - "Preparations"
Chapter 51 - "Janet Kellum"
Chapter 52 - "DNA"
Chapter 53 - "Mirror, Mirror"
Chapter 54 - "Julianne Thompson"
Chapter 55 - "Countess Crey"
Chapter 56 - "Endings"
Chapter 57 - "....come back to haunt you...."
Chapter 58 - "Beta 1403 CI"
Chapter 59 - "Open Water"
Chapter 60 - "Full Circle"


What is Paragon Chat? It's a program that resurrects the City of Heroes program as a zombie of itself. It "wakes up" the original program and attaches it to an XMPP server so it can be used as a 3D chat environment.

What you get:
Character Creation, and the ability to save characters.
(If you saved characters with Titan's SentinelPlus, you can salvage costume information and use it)
(If you "Save"d any costumes at Icon, those may re-appear in Character Creation, and at Icon)
The ability to enter zones and other maps without a mapserver.
The ability to see other PC users in your maps, and they can see your toon in theirs.
The usual CoX style chat with other PC users.
Travel powers: Flight, SuperSpeed, and SuperJump (they are still working on Teleport).
Tunnels and other zone doors work.
Some doors work, such as doors into Icon and stores. Icon itself is fully operational.
Ten costume slots, and a never-ending supply of costume tokens.

What you do not get:
No mob spawns.
No missions.
Contacts are there, but don't talk to you.

My Hints for installing Paragon Chat


updated June 8, 2016; originally uploaded January 1, 2013