Paragon City Stories

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Note to CoH/V fans: These stories were played out as a series of RP sessions on the site by the members of the Paragon Players.
We are currently recruiting other Players to join us for future City of Heroes stories.

The Paragon Players

uninventiveheart: Taquitz/Tim Verne, Paige Pirillo, Damian Bellerose, Resquiescat, & PulseFire

Timeshadow: Xavier Devereaux

Linuial: Linuial Galadrim & Bubastis

Nyghtshade: Nyghtshade & Jade Dancer


The Paragon City Stories

The Trilogy

The Carnival Without

Darkness, Digitized

Death Becomes Her

Additional Stories

Meanwhile, at the Superbase


updated November 25, 2017; originally uploaded December 7, 2016