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City of Heroes


Member message: Current Events

Alas, City of Heroes and City of Villains are no more, shut down by the parent company NCSoft on November 30th, 2012.

Many refugees from the destruction of Paragon City have fled to Millenium City, on the MMO Champions Online.

I have a Silver (non-paying) account there, global @Linuial. My current toons are: Linuial, Artemis, Jon Smith, and Pharaoh Farmer.

My sister and I have created a new supergroup there, Paragon Heroes Union.

Blood Nut reported a couple of years ago that he was buying a lifetime membership to CO, so I assume he is there, although I haven't contacted him yet. Maggot Man/SuperChris is now on CO, global @SuperChris_. (Note the underscore.)

I am leaving the old Starfire forum up and active, in case anyone wants to contact us.

Starfire/Hellfire Forum

For security reasons, I strongly recommend that you NOT post any personal information to either the forum or the calendar; this includes full (RL) name and any email address that you don't want spammed.

You can also find me on LotRO, and again, my global is @Linuial. About 6 toons there on the Elendilmir server, and counting.

Past Glory: Starfire screen captures

Brother Mathis, Blood Nut, Linuial,

Carol Ferris (Linuial), Jaguar Warrior (Stray), Zoshnel, Blackened Beef (in back), and Blood Nut, joined together to form Task Force Impulse, code named Task Force Egada, and took on the Clockwork King for the superhero Synapse. (We have no idea who the short man who crept into the shot in back was.)

Blackened Beef, Stray, Blood Nut, and Zoshnel

Blackened Beef, Stray, Blood Nut, Linuial, and Zoshnel

Blackened Beef, Stray, Blood Nut, Linuial, and Zoshnel in their Starfire colors

Updated January 6, 2013